Here is the trailer for American Football, a documentary about, well, football, but not the pointy ball kind that recently had its big party.

This is about the Seattle Sounders, a Major League Soccer team.

You may be wondering: why should anybody be interested? Major League Soccer is a second-tiered league and soccer is not the most popular sport in North America.

Well, because there is a story to be told (actually many stories) and this documentary looks like it will do a great job of telling those stories.

It is produced by Levy Productions. Recently, they released a rough first cut of the first of hour. You can see it below:

A few thoughts:

  • Sigi Schmid is a great coach. I was impressed by his speech, how he not only he called out his players, but himself as well. He ended with a question “How do you want to be remembered?”, which is really a call to action.’
  • Very well shot and I love the music!
  • You can’t helped but feel touched by the stories of the players and coaches. If I was from the Seattle area, this would make me fall more deeply in love with my team.
  • The part where David Estrada was being interviewed had me sobbing
  • Having played soccer and worked for a soccer team, I am awed by the speed of play and intensity that they train at.

Even though I’m not a Sounders fan, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it when it’s released.

A well told story can get anybody interested in anything, no matter how seemingly insignificant the subject matter.


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