Ok, a quick post today. I’m going to devote the space below to well…SPACE!

More specifically, two technologies recently developed that could help get more humans into space and onto the moon.

The first is about how Rice University developed a way to spool nanofibres, something that has been impossible until now. Nanofibres, made of carbon nanotubes have the highest tensile strength of any material known to man.


For the purposes of space exploration, they are strong enough that we could be a space elevator. A space elevator could make putting stuff into orbit much easier and cost-effective. Japan is apparently now contemplating building a real life ‘Ladder to Heaven’


The second is using robotic 3D printing technology to help build bases on the moon. The European Space Agency has been working with Foster and Partners on this lunar base concept. If we can build everything we need on the moon instead of expensively transporting it from earth, it would save future lunar missions a ton of money. (shipping something to the moon per kilo costs several times more than the rarest mineral)



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