It’s late at night. I’ve just come home from a soccer game. I finish my daily routine of practicing Python with Code Academy and I send in my World Cup qualification picks for a pool that a friend of my brother’s has set up.

It’s past 12 AM. I should be going to bed, but I don’t. I try going on to Facebook. It’s blocked, along with twitter and a bunch of news sites, a measure I implemented using the WasteNoTime extension I added months ago to protect myself from exactly what I’m trying to do.

But I’m not satisfied. I have no class tomorrow and I don’t feel quite like going to sleep just yet. I can’t remember why, but I start searching members of my family on Google. I first search my dad, and then my mom, and then my brother. I find one of the top items referring to him is his Quora page. I’m intrigued: it’s a site where you can have your questions answered by informed people, like Yahoo questions except not retarded.

I start browsing through it, attracted to questions that have been voted up many times.  Some of the questions and answers are incredibly interesting, like an answer from a retired cop on the things you learn in the force that most people don’t know. Or one about the most creative ways people have made $1 million dollars (the winner being a guy who sold 1 million pixel ads at a rate of $1 per pixel).

Then I found this gem by a programmer from England named Oliver Emberton. It’s absolutely brilliant how he explains time-management using Star Wars. He’s also apparently writing a book about, well, I wouldn’t do it justice…just read it here. I also discovered he runs a company that has a powerful website auditing tool. By the time I had finished my internet odyssey, it was almost 3 AM.

Quite an accomplished guy. And I never would have known about him or his work had I not gone down the rabbit hole. It goes against that drive for success, but sometimes you just got to let yourself wander. It can take you amazing places.

And then you REALLY have to get to bed.


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