I find these days that whenever I have a spare moment I have my nose in a book, whether it’s sitting on a bus, or waiting for a bus (I spend a lot of time commuting).This is quite a turnaround from high school where I hated reading (likely for the sole reason it was something forced from the top down with idiotic quizes on what colour hat such and such character was wearing during this chapter). ¬†Nonetheless, I digress. Here is a bit about some of the books I have been reading.


I’ve been reading (off and on) Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Lawrence Boldt. My grandfather gave it to me for Christmas two years ago. It’s very insightful and has forced me to answer some very probing and difficult to answer questions about what I want my life to be about. It’s definitely changed my view on life, and I every time I read it I get a sense of peace. I’ll be sharing insights on it from time to time.

I recently finished reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It goes into the neuroscience of habits, how they work at a personal, corporate and societal level, and how we can change them. I highly recommend it if you are like me and highly ambitious and want to be the best you can be. Three things particularly resonated with me: the importance of knowing what cues trigger your habits and what rewards you get from them in order to change your habits; writing down your anticipated feelings and actions as a way of empowering your will; and the importance of peer groups to help us overcome the most difficult moments. I will be writing a more detailed review in the coming days.


Finally, I recently started reading Steven Pinker’s the Stuff of Thought, which is about how the mechanics of language can give us insights into how the human mind works. I’m only halfway through the second chapter and it’s quite engaging. It’s fascinating to think that verbs, not nouns, are the most important of a sentence in shaping its grammar. I am already using this insight to shape how I learn new languages. I’ll write more about it as I delve further.

If there are any great books your reading, please share!


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