Today I saw two things that really affected me. The first was a talk by model and entrepreneur Cameron Russell that was posted by an aunt on Facebook (thanks Carla!). She talks about how for her her beauty is a blessing (“winning the genetic lottery”) but also a curse, the side that people don’t often see. Not only does she feel pigeon-holed, but she also has the  burden of looking beautiful, something that she has to live up to every day of her life.

The second was Lance Armstrong coming clean with Oprah Winfrey. An ongoing theme was how his “win at all costs” mentality allowed him to survive cancer but also cheat in order to win the Tour de France, lie about it and sue those who tried to tell the truth. That attitude saved his life, but also ruined it.

So are beauty and a winning-at-all-costs mentality blessings or curses? The truth is there is no such thing as a curse or a blessing, there are only qualities. The only thing that differs between the two is our perception of them. Limitations can be opportunities. Look at Lionel Messi. He used his short stature as an opportunity for becoming an amazing dribbler. He is the best soccer player in the world now (possibly ever).


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