Yep, that’s right, I am writing a blog again! And after many false starts, this time I am truly committed to doing this.

A few years ago I started a blog called The Ecolomist. The blog was meant to investigate ideas on how to regulate the economy in a way that is sustainable for the environment and humanity. After a few posts, that fell by the wayside.

I then started this blog, inspired by a friend and seeking a platform to express my ideas about the mind and how we can develop ourselves so we can reach our true potential. 

ImageSo why I am restarting this blog after almost a year? The main reason, I want to be a thought leader; I want to be able to express my ideas with eloquence and ease. Everything requires practice, so this will be my training ground. I honestly do not care if anybody reads this post.

I will make an effort to make two posts every week. Some will be short, perhaps just a link to something interesting, others will be essays. Posts will be about whatever I find interesting or wish to express, however, I envision most posts being about personal development.

Now, enough talk about writing posts, time to get started!


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